Healthy habits begin early in life and the care of the pediatric and adolescent patient is a highly rewarding venture because of the relative absence of chronic diseases in this young population.

We provide compassionate and intelligent care to children from birth onwards! The child patient can feel just as much at home in this clinic as the toddler and the college student because you are never too old or too young to be seen by a family physician!

We can perform the complete pediatric evaluation and we partner with other health agencies that provide the majority of immunizations for your children. Our office recognizes that there are different approaches to immunizations and we will closely work with your family to understand your concerns and beliefs. Dr. Abusharr and his staff will do their best to be supportive to all patients while at the same time providing their best guidance and advice for both young and old patients.

Parents who refuse immunizations for whatever reason are still welcome at this practice and Dr. Abusharr will regularly offer the opportunity of discussing ongoing concerns about immunizations. We are more than happy to work out custom schedules for immunization for even children who have had few or no immunizations in life.

We offer seasonal preservative-free flu shots between September and the following spring.

As a father of two daughters, ages 9 and 10, Dr. Abusharr and his friendly staff are delighted to see your children both during illness and health!