Our clinic has clarified these policies and procedures to answer the common questions regarding your care:

Dr. Raja Abusharr and his staff welcome you to the Family Medicine at Sterling Ridge Clinic, your new medical home. We are honored that you are trusting us with your health.

Dr. Abusharr is board certified in Family Practice Medicine by the American Board of Medical Specialists. He received his medical degree from Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine and has been in practice for 15 years. He is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Memorial Hermann Hospital and St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital. His philosophy is simple: Provide each patient with the best care possible within a friendly, professional atmosphere reminiscent of an era when doctors and their staffs treated patients with compassion and dignity rather than as numbers or insurance statistics.

Keeping you in good health is our primary concern.

The Patient Guide that follows will familiarize you with our clinic and will answer questions you may have.


Our clinic at 10110 Woodlands Parkway houses a Phlebotomist, a professional employed by Quest Diagnostics, who draws blood for testing. However, patients are not obligated to have blood work done at our clinic; blood draws for annual exams or other testing can take place at any reputable lab. We use Quest Diagnostics and Lab Corp and are very satisfied with both. We encourage patients to sign up for online access to lab results directly through the company they choose. (Use “Gazelle” for Quest Diagnostics and “Beacon” for Lab Corp, which are available through mobile phones and desktop computers.)

Our Patient Portal information system allows patients to view lab and imaging results. Abnormal results necessitate an appointment.


Medications are prescribed with specific refills based on the condition being treated. Please do not call our office for refills. It is the patient’s responsibility to schedule an appointment for additional refills.


Stimulant medications (Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse, etc.) are written on “Triplicate” prescriptions, which are state-controlled. We require a quarterly visit, including a urine sample. Refills of these medications between quarterly visits (if dose adjustments are not required) may be picked up at the front desk upon paying a $5.00 fee for the cost of the prescription. Please allow 1-2 days for these prescriptions to be prepared.


Patients can receive testosterone injections at our clinic every 7-14 days. Such visits are billed to insurance companies as nurse’s visits. A patient can self-inject if he knows the injection technique and follow-up labs show compliance with directions for medication dosing.

Quarterly visits with the provider and specific lab testing is required for any method of testosterone administration, whether topical or injected.


Schedule II medications, including Vicodin, Norco, Oxycodone, Dilaudid among others, are not routinely prescribed by our clinic. Management of chronic pain will be referred to a certified pain specialists.


Prior authorizations for unapproved medications may incur an additional fee.

NOTE: The Texas Medical Act, which governs the practice of medicine, allows a clinic to charge fees for added services involving paperwork, such as medical record duplication and other clerically intensive efforts. We charge $25.00 to compensate for the time and effort required to complete insurance forms. 


Phone messages will be returned within 24 hours. Please do not repeatedly call the clinic multiple times, as doing so only delays a return call.


Dr. Abusharr encourages parents to carefully consider CDC-recommended vaccinations, but he welcomes children, including ones not immunized. Our clinic does, however, request a signed waiver from a parent or guardian.


Dr. Abusharr has a “NO SAMPLES” policy because he believes that traditional sampling of new and brand medications by the pharmaceutical industry is not in the best interest of his patients. Our clinic forbids solicitation by pharmaceutical reps or any medical sales personnel.


Occasionally we cannot provide care because of an irreconcilable breakdown in the therapeutic relationship between physician and patient. In such cases it is best to end the relationship. A signed written request for transfer of care should be provided to us by the patient. If medical records are needed, the patient should request them in writing and should provide the address where the records are to be sent

A friendly, respectful demeanor by patients and our staff creates a positive environment and facilitates the excellent care we strive to provide. Offensive behavior is not acceptable under any circumstance, and abusive patients or staff will be dismissed from the practice.


Thank you again for your trust.

In Health,

Revised policy, Novermber 2016